Will a ticket purchased for the 2021 edition be valid in 2022?

Yes, the ticket remains valid for the next edition and we encourage you to save the pass for next year. It will entitle entry to the festival on March 4 and 5, 2022. As a thank you, you will receive a gift from us, which you will pick up at the festival.


I bought a ticket for the festival and I don't have it in my email inbox.

Check that you have provided a valid email address at the time of purchase and the ‘spam’ folder in your inbox. If it is not there, contact Going at: support@goingapp.pl

Until when does the festival ticket sale last?

Online ticket sales will continue until March 4, 2022. to hrs. 18 as long as they are not sold out beforehand. Tickets can be purchased through Going (website or mobile app) or at EMPiK stores

Will ticket sales be conducted before entering the festival?

Yes, as long as tickets are not sold out in advance online.

Should a ticket purchased electronically be printed?

Let’s respect the greenery. There is no need to print tickets, just show it on your phone.

Can I return a ticket?

The purchased ticket is not refundable.

Is it possible to enter the festival with a child?

Yes, you can come to the festival with your child.

Does the child have to have a ticket to the festival?

Children under the age of 10 enter the festival for free. From 10 to 16 they pay half price. Discounted tickets will be available only at festival box offices and cannot be purchased online.

Can I transfer the ticket to another person?

Tickets cannot be transferred or resold to others.

Found/advertised. Can I buy back a ticket from another person?

Each ticket has a unique code that entitles you to enter the festival. Buying a ticket outside the official distribution network (Going. and/or EMPiK) can be a victim of fraud and you should expect to be denied entry to the festival grounds.


Where does the festival take place?

The festival takes place in Szczyrk at the Skalite Amphitheater. The entrance to the festival is from ul. Leisure.

Will there be parking for cars at the festival?

The organizer does not provide parking. Cars should be parked along the street. Beskidzka or other free places designated for this purpose.


From what time can you enter the festival?

The gates of the festival open at hrs. 6 p.m., but the Food Market area, located just outside the festival entrance, u will be open from 3 p.m.

Where is the entrance to the festival located?

The entrance to the festival is from ul. Leisure.

Can minors enter the festival?

Yes but they must be accompanied by an adult or have written permission from a guardian to participate in the event. In addition, they should have a valid proof of identity and age.

Is it possible to leave the festival site and return to it again?

Yes, if you have a valid, undamaged and fastened wristband on your hand.

Can I bring my own beverage and food to the festival grounds?

It is forbidden to bring your own food and beverages to the festival area. You will find many food and beverage stands.

Can I bring a camera to the festival?

You can bring an amateur digital camera to the festival. No cameras or other audio/video recording equipment may be brought in without permission from the organizer.


What forms of payment apply at the festival?

The exclusive form of payment at SnowFest Festival 2022 is electronic (cashless). When going to the festival, make sure you have access to electronic forms of payment (payment card, Blik, NFT)


I have a band and would like to perform at a festival?

Send your submission with links to the music to
and we’ll see what we can do….


Is there a locker room at the festival?

There are no locker rooms at the festival.

Will there be a depository at the festival?

There is no deposit at the festival.

Will it be cold?

It all depends on the weather. It may be cold but the atmosphere will be hot. The tents that house the stages are heated.

How should I dress?

Comfortable, so as to dance all night.

Is it possible to buy food at the festival?

Yes. You can satisfy your hunger in the ‘food market’ area, which is located at the entrance to the festival. Admission to the zone is free.