Food Market

No good festival party is complete without a break for a specific serving of protein and calories. This time, too, there will be no shortage of juicy burgers, aromatic sausages, filling burritos, grazing fries, crispy casseroles, fragrant langos and other delicacies that will give you strength and pamper your refined palates 🙂

On March 4 and 5, 2022, the 5th FoodTruck Rally will be held in the heart of Szczyrk as part of the SnowFest Festival. The Food Market Zone will be open to all winter enthusiasts throughout the SnowFest Festival.


Food Market Zone Regulations available here –> Food Market Zone Regulations


Curry Point is a must-visit dining spot at SnowFest Festival. Here you’ll find out what the classics of Thai cuisine really taste like, including the world-famous Pad Thai and Curry. There is a choice of meat and vegetarian dishes. Don’t miss out!


Howdy! El Camino Arizona and Mexican BBQ bar is a food truck with delicious Mexican-Texan cuisine. Need a nutritious serving of beef version of Burrito? How about a vegetarian version of Quesadilla to lift your spirits? Head towards them!


Kings Burger is a true prince among burgers. The composition offered by their chef, from the bun to the 100% beef to the excellent side dishes, will satisfy even the most refined palates. Take a peek into the kingdom of the Kings!


Little Japan right in the center of Katowice, as a guest at SnowFest Festival. On the menu are world-famous ramen, Japanese dumplings and gyoza. Mind you, homemade noodles guarantee a taste experience after which you are likely to touch ZEN. Stop by!


This is a real star among foodtrucks. Who doesn’t know Pasibus? They feed not only festival goers, but all hungry people because they can be found all over Poland. If by some miracle you don’t know them yet, meet Pasibus at SnowFest Festival.


Foodtruck native of Nysa – from the city of Nysa, mur. Pork and beef at their best – the famous pulled meat made with passion. They cook slowly, serve quickly and extend a warm welcome. Do you feel like jerky? You are in the right place.


Wusztzkarry is a unique Wuszt prepared especially for a special order, by a local butcher shop. Wusztzkarry is a proprietary composition of spices. Wusztzkarry is an original version of the traditional sausage cut into pieces, served with curry sauce and Belgian fries. You’ll go crazy over this Wuszt.